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Licensing and Technology Transfer

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Licensing and Technology Transfer Summary

Presently the Integrated Switch Mode Power Supply Organization™ offers licensing of U.S. Patent 6,940,189 and considers exclusive agreements on a first-come, first-served basis.

Since the issuance of Patent 6,940,189, the inventor has submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office an application for reissue, which corrects all known typographic errors and adds further broadened claims. Thus licensing the present issued patent implies continued licensing of the reissues of the present patent and all derivative works including continuations-in-part based on and in use of the underlying intellectual property embodied within in the works found on the Documents page.

Note the patent reissue application of exhibit B corrects all known mistakes, mostly typographic by the printer, while adding a substantially broadened independent claim written by rewording a quote of the examiner from the first office action in the form of an independent claim along with five additional dependent claims that also serve to broaden the scope of the patent. The patent examiner stated in the Allowable Subject Matter section from the first, non-final Office Action, “The following is an examiner’s statement of reasons for allowance: No prior art uncovered anticipates or renders obvious applicant(s) claimed integrated circuit as claimed including a semiconductor die having a decoder that compares an entry from a table corresponding to the present power state of said semiconductor die to a clock counter frequency divider output to determine duty cycle and/or switching frequency of said power switching transistor for said output voltage fixing circuit.”

The follow-on patent applications, exhibit C and exhibit D, in concise terms, comprise the mathematical algorithms and tools needed to implement the table alluded to in the claims of U.S. patent 6,940,189. Thus, one may consider ‘189 as mostly structural compared to exhibit C and exhibit D teaching a necessary behavior of, or optimal algorithm within the structure. For every embodiment where both the structure and the algorithm coexist, a PCT filing of exhibit C and exhibit D would avail international protection to both exhibit C, or exhibit D, and ‘189.

Furthermore, note that exhibit C and exhibit D does not limit applicability to merely Digital Power, but may apply to any control system, especially those that may benefit in terms of reduced cost, added simplicity, or ease of implementation within an open loop topology.

The Integrated Power Technology Corporation intends to do business as the Integrated Switch Mode Power Supply Organization in facilitating the process of technology transfer of any or all Licensing and Technology Transfer Exhibit items.

All bids for licensing will be strictly confidential and considered on a first-come, first-served basis. The Integrated Switch Mode Power Supply Organization™ will not expose any detail of any ongoing bids to any party.

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Licensing and Technology Transfer Exhibit


Technology Transfer

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